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2019 Paid Member Contact: Jennifer Deane
Website: http://www.pitsisters.org
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Jennifer (Jen) Deane began volunteering in shelters in the 1990’s. She took in strays and volunteered any place she could in order to help save lives. She always gravitated toward the underdog and wanted to be their voice, when they needed it most. Assisting pit bull type dogs was what she loved, as she knew hundreds of thousands were being killed in shelters each year, simply because they had no other place to go. You see they were labeled as dangerous, but Jen knows, they are smart, loyal, and often times just got in the hands of those who used them for terrible things, such as; fighting. Pit bull type dogs often times sat in shelters for months, waiting for a home, only to then be euthanized for space.
Jen decided to formalize her efforts and filed for a 501(c)(3) to create Pit Sisters. She obtained an official IRS status in November of 2011. If was then official, Pit Sisters was on it’s way to serve dogs who needed help most. They won’t rest until dogs have at least a change—by sharing love, care, and training.
Jen obtained her Dog Training Certification in 2013 through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA). Jen is a Regional Director for the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. Jen now works with many animal welfare organizations, as well as certified trainers and canine experts to assist in the plight to help save homeless animals. She has five dogs of her own, including an AKC Canine Good Citizen and Registered Therapy Dog. Jen frequently speaks at events about homeless pets. Pit Sisters is her life’s work and to date they have helped save thousands of lives, through training programs, aggressive adoption programs, and educational workshops. Many dogs served were simply given a second chance—and in the end changing their lives and the lives of the humans who love them.

About Pit Sisters
Pit Sisters have always dedicated themselves to ‘giving a voice’ to the most misunderstood dogs. They have done this by providing love and homes to harder-to-adopt dogs in need. The mission has expanded to be more proactive and innovative with efforts focused on the following programs— Mobile Training, Community Engagement & Involvement and the largest program is called, TAILS (Teaching Animals & Inmates Life Skills). To learn more about each program please visit the section under What We Do.

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