Rental Agreement & Contract

1. General Public: The facility is rented to individuals, families, groups, organizations and/or businesses for parties, meetings, seminars, reunions, weddings, showers, etc., for a rental fee of $200.00 per day on Friday from 9 am to 11 pm, $250.00 per day Saturdays from 9 am to 11 pm, Monday ‐ Thursday from 9am‐11 pm for $100.00 and Sundays All day from 9 am ‐11 pm 200.00 or 2 pm‐ 11 pm

100.00 Rental fee is non‐refundable once paid. Members receive $25.00 discount on rental. A 100.00 refundable cleaning deposit is also required and can not be waived for any reason.

We DO NOT supply washroom items or trash bags.

2. Non‐Profit Groups: The facility will be available for select non‐profit groups use at a minimal cost for group meetings and activities on low usage days. No group may use this agreement to rent the facilities for the personal use of its members. Non‐profit groups will pay a $50.00 non—refundable usage charge per day and a cleaning deposit of $100.00. We DO NOT supply washroom items or trash bags.

3. All rental agreements will be by this written contract signed by the responsible individual or representative of the group and shall be binding for the length of the contract.

4. Deposits are deposited in the Association bank account designated for Deposits and all or part of the deposit will be retained by the Association anytime the facility is not left cleaned and ready for use. Any maintenance or cleaning cost that exceed the amount of the deposit will be billed to the responsible individual or group. We reserve the right to seek compensation for additional damages not covered by the cleaning deposit by any legal means necessary. Released Cleaning & Care deposits will be returned by mail within 60 days.

5. Complete this Rental Agreement and mail with your check made payable to the MIDDLEBURG CIVIC ASSOCIATION at the mailing address above. Non‐profit groups must also submit a letter of request including dates/times on your
organization’s letterhead with a copy of your corporate status certificate included.

You may drop off your agreement and checks at 2102 Palmetto Street, Middleburg, Florida or Send Contract via Email above and payment may be paid via credit card, with an additional 3% convenient fee. Online payment option only

6. Keys: You will text the designated number 904‐370‐0152 to receive a lock box code the day prior to your event, at no time may you enter the property prior to your schedule date without consent. After event return key back to the lock box. Do not leave keys in building.

7. You are responsible for ensuring the following rules are adhered to by your group: County Property! No alcohol on the premises to include the lawns.
No selling of commercial products or personal items of any kind without the written consent of the Middleburg Civic Association.
No smoking inside the facility. DO NOT use the fireplace.
Do not staple, tape, or tack anything to the walls. Use existing hooks or tie
decorations. Your Cleaning deposit will be forfeited if you violate this rule.
Do not remove any pictures/plaques or permanent decorations from the walls.
Do not adjust any stage curtains as it will interfere with the operation of the air

Prior to leaving, remove all decorations, trash and personal items. Check restrooms, hallway and stage area. Dumpster is in the parking lot.
Clean kitchen and restroom surfaces, and tables and chairs. Cleaning supplies may be located in the kitchen and in the storage room just to the right of the hall entry, however you are responsible to supply your own if needed.

Check all stove burners and ovens EVEN IF YOU DID NOT USE THEM.
Return all tables, chairs, kitchen items and cleaning supplies to their original locations.

Sweep and Mop all floors including kitchen, hallway, restrooms, stage and main room.

Turn off all lights and both air units.

Ensure all outside doors are locked EVEN IF YOU DID NOT USE THE DOORS.
Check each of the above items prior to departing. Lock exit door.


The Middleburg Civic Center facility has been designated as an evacuation site for critical injuries by civil authorities. In the event of an emergency, civil authority use of the facility will take precedent over any prior agreement/contract for use. Loss of contracted use already paid for will be
offered as a rescheduled day as quickly as possible.